Domestic Violence Convictions Carry Serious Consequences in Palm Beach, Broward Counties

A Lake Worth man is facing a charge of domestic battery in Palm Beach after authorities say he struck his ex-wife and her 16-year-old son in the face, the Palm Beach Post reported.

A Lake Worth criminal defense attorney should always be called to handle domestic violence allegations. More than many other crimes, a domestic violence conviction can have a long-term impact on your quality of life, your ability to earn a living and your visitation rights with children. Unfortunately, because it is often charged as a misdemeanor, defendants too often fail to adequately defend themselves against the allegations.

A conviction may prevent you from owning a firearm or being employed in certain professions, such as law enforcement. Restraining orders may prevent you from returning home or visiting your children. And mere allegations can impact your relationship with friends, relatives and co-workers. Unfortunately, false allegations are not at all uncommon, particularly during divorce or child custody proceedings, or during a breakup with a former spouse or partner.

Cases in which the Department of Children and Family Services gets involved may be particularly problematic. The agency is chronically underfunded and understaffed; turnover in some offices exceeds 50 percent a year; and the bureaucracy can be difficult or impossible to rid yourself of once a case is opened. Having an experienced attorney will also help protect your rights when dealing with the state.

The 40-year-old defendant was jailed on $145,000 bond on charges of domestic battery, violating a domestic violence injunction and child abuse. He was arrested after his 37-year-old ex-wife called police and told them the defendant had punched her and her son during an altercation. The couple has been divorced for almost 20 years but had been dating for the last 18 months.

Domestic violence may encompass charges like assault, aggravated assault, sexual assault, stalking, kidnapping or false imprisonment and may involve a spouse, former spouse or family member.
Penalties for conviction may include mandatory jail time, no contact orders with a spouse or your children, loss of access to your residence, fines and court costs, mandatory anger management classes and a permanent criminal record. A conviction may also impact pending divorce or child custody cases. And, as discussed, you may be prevented from owning a firearm or working in certain professions.

Drug Charges involving Pill Mill Allegations in Broward and Palm Beach need Aggressive Defense

A doctor is facing drug charges in Broward County in connection with another pill mill case, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyers understand the stakes are high when a medical professional faces fraud or drug-related charges. A conviction can mean the loss of a medical license and the inability to earn a living for which a doctor, pharmacist or medical professional has spent a decade or longer in training. Too often, these cases skirt the line between alleged criminal activity and what should remain confidential doctor-patient information.

Unfortunately, doctors and other professionals rarely have the experience with the criminal justice system that is often necessary in order to act in their own best interests. Too often, they agree to talk to investigators in an effort to clear up a misunderstanding and/or get themselves out of trouble. In reality, the best move is to consult with an experienced lawyer as soon as you determine you are the target of such an investigation. These are complex cases. Do not trust your future and your livelihood to someone whose job is to collect evidence of your guilt.

The 57-year-old Miami doctor is charged with conspiracy and dispensing and distributing controlled substances. The allegations are in connection with his work for Primary Care Primary Care Practitioners and Associates of West Palm Beach Inc. and Primary Care Practitioners and Associates Inc. in Hallandale Beach.

Police say he was paid $5,000 to visit the clinics several times a month and sign blank prescriptions. Employees would then issue the prescriptions to patients without the doctor being present. Authorities allege the clinics handed out prescriptions for more than 300,000 pills during the last 5 years, including Oxycodone and alprazolam.

Scrutiny of a doctor’s dispensing of pain medication is likely to continue. The Sun-Sentinel reports Palm Beach politicians are looking at toughening restrictions of pain clinics and other drug dispensing facilities.

The Palm Beach Post reports Gov. Scott has earmarked $800,000 to beef up enforcement even as he has come out against a database that would track such prescriptions.

Nationwide, authorities point to South Florida as the capital of pain clinics, or so-called pill mills. The Miami Herald tells the story of a man released from prison in 2004 after serving time for trafficking in heroin and cocaine, only to build a string of seven pain clinics selling $150,000 a day worth of prescription narcotics.

Yet prescribing pain medication and selling illegal narcotics are worlds apart. The problems arise when law enforcement treats them as one and the same.

DUI Manslaughter Charges Filed in Fort Lauderdale after Death of Miami Heat Dancer

A 43-year-old man is facing charges of DUI manslaughter in Fort Lauderdale after being charged in the wake of a Sept. 10 accident that claimed the life of a dancer for the Miami Heat.
The Miami Herald reports the East Sunrise Boulevard crash occurred when the defendant’s Mercedes struck the 22-year-old victim’s motorcycle.

Our Fort Lauderdale DUI defense lawyers urge anyone who has been charged with drunk driving in Broward or Palm Beach counties to consult with an experienced attorney. But never is it more critical than in the wake of a serious or fatal accident.

Under Florida drunk driving law, DUI manslaughter is punishable by up to 15 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. The Sun-Sentinel reported his blood-alcohol level tested .24 and .23, about three times the legal limit of .08 for drunk driving in Florida.

The Broward New Times reported Miami-Dade County is the deadliest county in Florida when it comes to drunk driving accidents, with an average of about 80 deaths a year. Broward County is second-deadliest, with an average of 70 people killed in drunk driving accidents each year. In each case, a defense lawyer should thoroughly review the accident scene and determine whether outside experts may come to a different conclusion about the cause of the crash.

If a defendant can be show to have not been responsible for a crash, he cannot be convicted of DUI manslaughter under Florida law.

Public Corruption Charges in Broward and Palm Beach require Experienced Defense Lawyer

Public corruption charges in Broward or Palm Beach counties are nothing new. In fact, the area has had some of the nation’s most high-profile cases in recent years.

Still, the 13 arrests last week in a Palm Beach County public corruption case marks one of the big cases in recent memory. Such cases often lead to additional charges as defendants begin working with authorities to reduce their own legal exposure. Consulting a Palm Beach criminal defense attorney is critical for those arrested as well as those who have reason to suspect that the arrests could move the investigation in their direction. Consulting experienced and qualified legal advice at the earliest stages of such cases is the best bet for building a solid defense, while fighting to protect your freedom and future financial well-being.

The Sun-Sentinel reports 13 defendants, including seven current or former city or county employees, face 77 criminal charges in connection with an equipment company that allegedly used bribes to secure city and county business.

Bribes included NASCAR races, Disney vacation and expensive jewelry, according to authorities. Criminal charges include racketeering, money laundering and unlawful compensation. Unlike previous corruption probes that targeted public officials, authorities say this scam targeted mid-level government employees. Authorities claim to have connected $90,000 worth of vacations, cash cards and gifts, which they claim were bribes to employees in Palm Beach County, West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Wellington, Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District, Port St. Lucie and Sarasota County.

The investigation into the company’s activities result in the owner’s arrest last April. He was charged with one count of unlawful compensation and faced up to 15 years in prison. The Sun-Sentinel reported the other municipalities “came under scrutiny as a result of further digging.”

Spring Break Arrests on the Rise in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Miami

With Spring Break in full swing, our criminal defense lawyers in Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale remind vacationers, tourist and residents that increased enforcement can often lead to unfair arrest.

Drunk driving charges in Fort Lauderdale or Palm Beach will be quite common through the end of the special enforcement period on April 3. Other common charges include underage consumption, drug charges, sex charges and charges of assault and battery.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is reporting the cost of a drunk driving conviction can be as high as $20,000, including jail time, probation, mandatory treatment, loss of your driver’s license and skyrocketing insurance premiums. We understand the cost and inconvenience associated with a criminal case, particularly for college students and out-of-state residents, and we work with tourists and young adults to minimize the disruption and the impact on their lives.

“The Florida Highway Patrol isn’t against having a good time. We just want spring breakers to celebrate safely so that no one has to go home in a body bag,” said Patrol Captain Mark Welch. “FHP does not tolerate impaired driving, so drive sober and drive safe.”

About one-third of fatal accidents in Florida are blamed on drunk drivers — and more of those crashes (224) occurred in March of 2009 than in any other month. While most drivers face drunk driving charges for a blood-alcohol threshold of .08 or above, those underage can face charges and the suspension of their driver’s license for testing just .02.

The Miami Herald reports law enforcement have promised stepped-up enforcement efforts after last year saw a double-stabbing and shooting in South Beach amid reports of couples having sex in condo hallways.

Through the first two weeks of March — with three weeks left in the special enforcement period — police had already made 71 arrests and searched 1,630 coolers, which they can only do with probable cause or your permission.

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