March 27, 2015

Therapy Instead of Criminal Charges for Teens Who Uploaded Nude Pics of Minors

Our Pembroke Pines and Hollywood juvenile defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Leifert & Leifert know that the prosecution's decision to drop criminal charges against the Pembroke Pines teens who uploaded nude pictures of other minors is an important one.
Last month, we wrote about this case in its infancy; as you may recall, three juveniles were arrested for uploading naked photos of fellow juveniles to an account on the social networking app Instagram. In other words, they were arrested on suspicion of sharing child pornography on the internet.

This week, as we noted above, prosecutors handling the case decided that the three teens would be better suited in therapy and community service than they'd be facing criminal charges. Specifically, the teenagers will be partaking in a juvenile diversion program.

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March 24, 2015

Palm Beach Couple Jailed for Sex Near Playground

You may recall Charlie Day's character in Horrible Bosses, a man who was required to register as a sex offender for urinating (and thus indecently exposing his genitals) in a playground in the middle of the night despite the fact that no children were present.
This week, a Greenacres couple is feeling a similar wrath of the law; despite the fact that their sexual activity didn't actually involve any children, they've been arrested for and charged with lewd or lascivious behavior for having sex near a playground, in a manner visible to a number of children.

Our West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens sex crimes defense lawyers know that you need to be careful about where and when you choose to engage in sexual activity, because making the wrong call about when to engage in such conduct can turn a personal, intimate event into a public, illegal, and reputation-damaging incident.

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March 21, 2015

Boca Woman Jailed for Throwing Dog Poop at Neighbor

Our Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyers know that disputes between neighbors are expected. What is out of the ordinary, however, is when one neighbor hurls dog poop at another neighbor in the midst of one such dispute.
This past week, a Boca Raton woman was arrested for throwing dog feces at her neighbor during an argument over the dog's preferred location for defecation.

Apparently, the woman had enough of her neighbor's dog relieving himself on her lawn. However, the manner in which she acted on her outraged landed her in jail and charged with assault on an elderly person.

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March 18, 2015

IP Address Tracking Leads to Weston Man's Arrest

Our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know that in the age of the Internet, crime tracking by law enforcement agencies has (to a significant degree) shifted from the physical to the intangible.
Case in point: a Weston man was arrested yesterday after police used his computer's IP address to implicate him in a child pornography distribution scheme.

This incident is yet another reminder that just because you can't see something doesn't mean it's not there. In other words, simply erasing web history and/or making up fake usernames on the Internet won't make you immune from tracking, arrest and prosecution by determined law enforcement agencies.

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March 16, 2015

'Criminal Minds' Actor Arrested in Florida for Second Time This Year

Nicholas Brendon, the actor known for his roles on Criminal Minds and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, was arrested on Friday in Tallahassee for apparently trashing his hotel room.
Our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know that this isn't Brendon's first recent run-in with law enforcement in the Sunshine State; just last month he was arrested in Fort Lauderdale for similar reasons.

The actor faces charges of criminal mischief and property damage for allegedly causing as much as $1,000 of damage in the hotel he was staying at during a comic book convention.

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March 11, 2015

Report: Corruption Rampant in Florida Prison System

Yesterday, the Miami Herald reported on a topic of real significance to the criminal defense legal field: ubiquitous corruption throughout Florida's prison system.
Our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know that jails and prisons are supposed to be places in which offenders are rehabilitated, where they've given a chance to reflect on what they've done and reform themselves prior to returning to free society.

However, as new reports from prison inspectors indicate, the so-called spaces of rehabilitation aren't what they seem to be. According to new testimony, Florida's prisons are riddled with gang violence, crime, medical neglect and inmate abuse.

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March 9, 2015

Florida's Embarrassingly Outdated Cohabitation Law

Picture this: everything's going great in your life until -- bam! -- you're arrested for living with your girlfriend or boyfriend. No, it's not a nightmare you're having about how your parents will respond to your new relationship; it's a practical reality under current Florida law.
Our society truly embodies most the advancements of the 21st century and these progressions have in large part made their way into government practices. With state laws available online, digital fingerprinting in police stations, and court appearances being held by video, it's clear that the State of Florida is moving forward.

However, as our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know, there are a couple of glaringly archaic sections of the Florida State Statutes that keep the Sunshine State tethered to the past, and one of those is the cohabitation law, which makes it a crime for an unmarried man and woman to "lewdly and lasciviously" live together.

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March 4, 2015

South Florida Man Charged with Growing Marijuana Found Not Guilty

On Monday, a South Florida man was acquitted by a Broward County jury after claiming that the dozens of marijuana plants he had been growing were used "for his own medical purposes."
Our Palm Beach and Broward County marijuana crime defense lawyers know that the legal issue of marijuana possession and production is a controversial one in the State of Florida, especially in a year during which the state legislature plans to debate how to handle medical marijuana.

The case, and more particularly its outcome, was a first for the Sunshine State, and it contributes to the increasingly lenient attitudes toward marijuana expressed by our state's residents.

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March 2, 2015

New Proof Required in Hit-and-Run Cases

As our Palm Beach and Broward County hit-and-run attorneys know, such cases aren't always as straightforward as they might seem.
Last week, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that in order for someone to be convicted of leaving the scene of a crash involving an injury, the prosecution must prove that the person had "actual knowledge" they were in a crash in the first place.

This important ruling by the Court will certainly influence how individuals accused of leaving the scene of an accident will fight the charges against them and how people previously convicted of the crime might be able to appeal their convictions.

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February 27, 2015

On Cellphone Video: Broward Deputy Drags Mentally Ill Woman by Feet

This past week, the Sun Sentinel reported on a story that's been making national headlines ever since: a Broward County Deputy dragged a woman through a courthouse by her feet.
The officer, who pulled the woman by the shackles around her ankles, has been placed on restricted duty while an internal investigation is being conducted.

The woman, especially in light of the fact that a court had recently determined she was "mentally incompetent," deserves better. Our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know that just because you're a defendant in a case doesn't mean you've lost your rights.

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February 26, 2015

Foolish Crimes Serve as Warnings

As our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know, a couple of ostensibly incomprehensible crimes committed recently in South Florida serve as reminders that the actions we take have consequences.
These offenses, which we will discuss in this post, demonstrate what not to do.

While one details a crime perhaps carried-out with no malicious intent, and another indicates a severe lack of control, both should be regarded as warnings that the law often pays little mind to the reasons for which a crime might have been committed.

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February 25, 2015

Las Vegas "Road Rage" Killing Actually Self Defense?

People all across the country have been shocked by a seemingly senseless fatal shooting in Las Vegas, NV, one which apparently stemmed from an earlier road rage incident.
As our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers know, no case is straight-forward; one must consider all possibilities and angles when analyzing a criminal case, especially one involving charges of murder.

While first reported as a clear-cut road rage-fueled shooting, the defense attorney for the 19-year-old defendant is now saying that the shooting was in fact carried-out in self defense.

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