Fort Lauderdale DUI Laywer Examines Ethics of Tweeting about DUI Checkpoints

Our Fort Lauderdale DUI defense attorneys read an article about the increasing number of young people who broadcast the location of DUI checkpoints on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. While it’s not illegal, the practice has some police concerned, because they worry that making information about DUI checkpoints public could cause some drunk drivers to choose an alternate route.

In fact, Mexico City police are so concerned about the trend that they are threatening fines and jail time to people to post the location of DUI checkpoints. But some DUI defense lawyers say that could violate freedom of speech.

Others say the trend doesn’t pose a problem, because it raises awareness about the consequences of drunk driving. Plus, checkpoint locations often change after a few hours anyway.

Source: Police Concerned About DUI Checkpoint Tweets,, January 21, 2010 (more…)

Real ID Poses Problem for Florida Man Renewing Driver’s License

Our South Florida law blog has already covered the new federal identification requirements for renewing a driver’s license on January 13, 1010 – “Broward and Palm Beach County Traffic Attorneys Discuss New ID Requirements for Driver’s Licenses.” We anticipated that it could cause delays at the DMV, and that proved to be an understatement for one Port St. Lucie doctor who tried to renew his driver’s license earlier this month.

The 52-year-old man brought along all the necessary paperwork, including his United States password and Social Security card. But his renewal application was rejected because the names on his identification documents didn’t match. Both had his first and last name listed, but his passport includes a middle name that was missing from his Social Security card. After making calls to the state Division of Highway and Safety and getting help from the office of a state representative, the doctor will be able to renew his driver’s license.

Florida is among the first states to enact Real ID. All drivers must age 50 and younger must have the Real ID by December 1, 2014. Those over 50 have until three more years.

Source: Real ID a real problem for Port St. Lucie doctor who wanted to renew license,, January 20, 2010 (more…)

Our Palm Beach County Office Kicks Off Haiti Food Drive

The Law Offices of Leifert & Leifert, Aronberg & Aronberg and Sign A Rama in Delray Beach will be holding a food drive for the victims of the Haiti earthquake.

The food drive will begin on Monday, January 25, 2010 and will last for the entire week from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

We are asking for canned food, rice, and bottled water.

We are located at 2160 West Atlantic Avenue, in Delray. It is on the southwest corner of Atlantic Avenue and Congress, just west of I-95.

Palm Beach DUI Attorney Discusses Breath Testing Issues

The defendants in roughly 300 Florida DUI cases in Palm Beach County could be released if a February 23 challenge on blood-alcohol testing equipment succeeds. Lawyers involved with the challenge say that the Intoxilyxer 8000 machine is not legal, because it differs from federally approved models for test blood-alcohol levels.

They also say there is reason to believe that law enforcement officials covered up failed machine inspections. The filing claims that officials covered up failed inspections by unplugging machines that looked like they not pass inspection. In fact, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement fired a breach-machine analyst in 2008 after discovering that the analyst instructed officers to unplug machines.

According to a traffic division commander for the Sheriff’s Office, three deputies watch each inspection and the plugs may have been knocked out accidentally. Challenges elsewhere in Florida have failed, and our DUI defense law firm will be interested in seeing how this one plays out.

Source: DUI challenge leaves 300 cases in doubt, Palm Beach Post, January 2010 (more…)

Palm Beach County Criminal Lawyer Discusses Expunging Criminal Records

National unemployment rates are around 10%, but here in Florida, unemployment has reached 11.5%, the highest it’s been since the mid-seventies. As a result, our Palm Beach criminal defense law firm is seeing a record number of clients who want their criminal records expunged or sealed.

In fact, more than 14,000 Florida residents had their records sealed or obliterated in 2008 (which is the last year complete records are available at this time). That’s double the number from 2007, which is not surprising given the current job climate.

Of course, one issue remains unresolved, and that is the data mining companies who compile information from courthouse records and sell that data for a fee. Unfortunately, there is no legal precedent for forcing these private companies to remove outdated information, if a judge approves sealing or expunging someone’s record.

Source: Florida Criminals Expunging Records, LiveShots, January 5, 2010 (more…)

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