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A thought-provoking legal argument from a courtroom in Palm Beach County is heading to the Florida Supreme Court. The case begs the question of whether or not a convicted criminal can invoke the state’s Stand Your Ground law as justification for shooting someone.
The controversial law has been receiving a great deal of attention recently, playing crucial roles in the recent Florida criminal cases first of George Zimmerman and then of Michael Dunn, both of whom fatally shot an individual they claimed posed a legitimate threat to their safety. In those cases, as our Palm Beach and Broward criminal defense attorneys understand, the defendants might have done questionable things prior to the incident, but neither was a convicted felon.

The case to be decided by the Florida Supreme Court is that of 25-year-old Palm Beach resident Brian Bragdon, a convicted felon who shot and killed two people in 2012; Bragdon claims it was in self-defense but the prosecutors disagree. Without a doubt, this ruling — and the arguments to be made leading up to the decision — will have a lasting impact on the criminal justice system in the Sunshine State.
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This past week, a Broward jury found former MMA fighter Fernando Rodrigues not guilty of three counts of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. If found guilty, according to Florida law, Mr. Rodrigues would have been convicted of a second-degree felony and would have faced a minimum of 10 years in prison.
The case stemmed from a case of road rage on North State Road 7 in Coral Springs, which ended in a roadside brawl that involved Rodrigues and two pool service workers. When police arrived at the scene, all three men were handcuffed and one of them, Rodrigues, was arrested. Ostensibly, Rodrigues was arrested because it was the other two individuals in the fight who seemed to have sustained the most injuries from the fight.

Our South Florida criminal defense attorneys know that Florida law gives people the right to protect themselves – and that is just what Mr. Rodrigues did. Thankfully, a jury of his peers recognized the validity of his argument; as a result, a law-abiding citizen who served his country in the Marines will avoid being wrongfully thrown behind bars.
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A 59-year-old man is facing gun charges in Fort Lauderdale after an incident at the Broward County Courthouse. He was released on bond over the weekend, on conditions that he get a psychological evaluation and surrender all firearms.

A criminal defense attorney in Palm Beach or Fort Lauderdale should always be called to handle defense against gun or weapons charges. Such charges can leave a convicted defendant unable to own firearms and can be particularly devastating to police officers, members of the military, or others who use firearms as part of their job.
Certainly in the wake of high profile cases like the recent tragedy in Arizona, local law enforcement may carry zero tolerance policies too far, thereby trampling the rights of law-abiding gun owners. When you combine public-safety concerns with the ever-expanding rights to keep and bear arms, and clashes are bound to occur.

Always remember, the government can charge you with whatever it wants — it’s only what you are convicted of that matters.

In this case, police claim the Broward resident was distraught over a child abuse case and threatened to shoot himself. The Sun-Sentinel reports the defendant works as a security guard, and told the judge if he loses his job he will lose his house.

He is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, improper exhibition of a firearm and carrying a concealed firearm.

Authorities say he was late for a contempt hearing in connection with $5,500 in back child support when he entered the courthouse lobby doors through a pair of exit doors, triggering a 30-minute standoff.
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