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Florida_parking_lot.jpgLast week, 13 Florida drivers were apprehended as part of Operation DL-Core, a statewide crackdown using undercover troopers at Palm Beach county courthouses. The Delray Beach sting used plainclothes troopers to monitor court proceedings in which the judge suspended or revoked the driver’s license of a defendant. The troopers followed offenders to the parking lot and alerted uniformed troopers as each defendant got into their car and tried to drive away.

Two of the 13 drivers who were apprehended were arrested and transported to Palm Beach County Jail for an outstanding warrant violation and a habitual offender charge. According to Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicle records, the state suspended or revoked close to 2.4 million licenses in 2008.

Officials say they are planning future operations in Broward and Palm Beach County, but they did not disclose the date or location of the courthouse.

Busted! FHP nabs 13 drivers after judge revokes licenses, South Florida Sun Sentinel, September 15, 2009 Continue reading

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