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As life becomes further enmeshed with technology (and social media in particular), private conversations and emotions can become all the more visible to the outside world. Our experienced South Florida criminal defense attorneys know that, in such a technology-reliant world, stalking no longer means simply following somebody around or consistently waiting for them outside of their place of work.
So-called “cyber stalking,” as defined by Section 784.048 of the Florida State Statutes, occurs when someone uses technology to communicate with someone (with no legitimate purpose) in a way that causes the recipient of the messages to become emotionally distressed.

Just last week, according to the Sun Sentinel, a North Lauderdale man was arrested for allegedly cyber stalking his ex-girlfriend. Because of the Facebook messages he sent to her, the 23-year-old man was charged with aggravated cyber stalking, with bond set at $150,000.
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Florida_GPS_stalker.jpgA Deerfield Beach man who is charged with aggravated stalking, violation of probation, and reckless driving has been ordered by a Broward County judge to wear a GPS device on his ankle so the courts can keep track of him. Gary R. Swanson, 56, is accused of attaching a magnetic tracking device to his ex-girlfriend’s Jeep so that he could show up wherever her car went.

Swanson was arrested last weekend and is being held without bail in the Broward County jail. Police say the man gave himself away by repeatedly telling his ex he knew where she was. He even left that information in voice messages, according to a police report.

On Saturday, after Swanson confronted his ex and a male friend in the parking lot of a restaurant, she called Lighthouse Point police and asked them to search her car for a tracking device.

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