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As our Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach DUI defense lawyers know, fights among those in a relationship are common; moreover, when a relationship sours, individuals tend to say things they might not otherwise say. Sometimes, as was the case for a certain Miami woman named Mila Dago, they say things they did mean and that can come back to bite them in the court of law.
During the summer of 2013, Dago was out barhopping when she texted her newly-ex boyfriend such things as “driving drunk woo” and “I’ll be dead thanks to you.” Dago didn’t end up dying in a DUI crash, but unfortunately, the passenger traveling in her car did.

Aside from showing just how dangerous drunk driving can be, this case demonstrates how damaging text messages can be; when there is a record of something you’ve said, that record can come back to be used against you in a criminal trial, especially if you’ve essentially admitted to that which you’re being accused of.
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It’s hard to look around and not notice that the tide is turning on this country’s acceptance of marijuana; 23 states and the District of Columbia have made marijuana legal for medical purposes, a testament to the public’s recognition of the drug’s real effects.
Now, our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense lawyers aren’t saying that people aren’t affected by marijuana — many people are. While critics of the drug might be telling the truth when they say that marijuana makes you hungrier, can give you red eyes and can perhaps make you sleepier, if they tell you that it makes you a dangerous driver, they’re by and large on the other side of the facts.

As discussed by the Washington Post, a new report just released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides data that demonstrate that drivers who use marijuana are at a much lower risk for a crash than are drivers who consume alcohol.
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Police departments all over the country are constantly cracking down on drunk driving, but perhaps at no time more aggressively than during the holiday season, and over New Year’s Eve/Day in particular.
Tonight, as our Palm Beach and Broward County DUI defense lawyers know, police — undercover, in cruisers and at checkpoints — will be on the lookout for vehicles showing the signs of a potentially drunk driver.

Our skilled lawyers know that being arrested for DUI can have a devastating effect on your reputation and your relationships; make sure that tonight, you have fun but travel as safely as possible.
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Our Palm Beach and Broward County DUI defense lawyers know that poor decisions don’t always necessitate decades of punishment. While being arrested for DUI could certainly negatively impact your life for years and years, we know that it doesn’t have to.
As we have learned from our experience, among the most meaningful legal strategies in a DUI case involves pursuing a DUI diversion program opportunity, an option that is often available to first-time offenders.

The program allows first-time DUI offenders to complete certain requirements, after which they will be eligible to have their DUI charges reduced or dismissed altogether. For anyone who hopes to move ahead with their life after a bad decision, this is a viable, beneficial option.
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As our Palm Beach and Broward County DUI defense lawyers know, there is little in life that people like to celebrate more than a day off from work.
This Labor Day, please be aware that some people will go a bit overboard and get behind the wheel after drinking alcohol, and that police officers will be out and about, looking to pull over swerving drivers and setting up DUI checkpoints.

Our Palm Beach and Broward County DUI defense lawyers know that, as a general rule, DUI arrests in South Florida tend to spike during holiday times, especially over Labor Day Weekend, which is often regarded as the last “real” weekend of summer. Because of this, people feel that this time of year is their last to truly enjoy their summer, and that’s why the roads can get dangerous and the county jails tend to fill up.
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As Americans prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, and America’s independence, law enforcement departments all over the country gear up for increased numbers of sobriety checkpoints and DUI arrests.
Our Palm Beach and Broward County DUI defense attorneys know that local police departments have historically ramped-up DUI crackdowns during July 4th, espcially when the holiday falls on a weekend or, as is the case this year, when it creates an extended weekend.

With more drivers on the road and more local bars and restaurants hosting events and offering drink specials, the likelihood of drunk drivers being on the road increases; as such, so does the number of police officers looking to catch them.
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Our experienced South Florida DUI defense lawyers know that you can be pulled over and arrested for DUI simply for drivig home after a dinner at which you and a friend had a glass of wine or two. Because everybody’s body is different, alcohol affects each person differently, and although the amount of alcohol you might have consumed seemed miniscule, police can still book you for DUI if they deem that you’ve had too much to drink.
To be sure, you can be arrested for DUI regardless of whether or not you intended to become intoxicated in the first place; in this respect, intention is irrelevant.

Furthermore, because our criminal defense attorneys are all former prosecutors, we know that the Florida’s laws regarding DUI penalties are not at all cut-and-dry. There is no “cookie cutter” case in the Sunshine State, because penalties in a given DUI case are dependent not only on your internal blood alcohol content, but also on external factors such as whether or not while driving drunk you caused a car accident, injury to someone else, etc.
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A Hollywood police officer, a former star running back fro the Florida Atlantic Owls, was arrested for DUI in Broward County by members of his own department.
He was immediately relieved of duty with pay, pending the outcome of an internal affairs investigation. He was forced to turn in his badge, his squad car and his department-issued firearm. He stands to lose much more than that if convicted.

His career, his reputation, his freedom and his future are on the line. Cases like this demand the involvement of a defense team with extensive experience. Leaving any part of it to chance could result in lifelong consequences.
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The accuracy of Florida DUI breathalyzer tests has long been the subject of debate.
It doesn’t appear that debate is going to end anytime soon, despite the conclusion of a four-year battle to have the machines thoroughly tested by third-party consultants. With both defense lawyers and prosecutors analyzing the same results, one said says the machines “passed with flying colors,” while the other says certain flaws and inconsistencies were identified.

The discrepancies will ultimately continue to be analyzed in future Florida DUI cases for years to come.
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Deputies have arrested a man on suspicion of DUI manslaughter in Palm Beach County after a horrific crash that resulted in the death of a 3-year-old girl.
Investigators were quick to point out in their report that the defendant had a long history of traffic violations, had lost his license permanently more than a decade ago and was unemotional after the crash.

But while there is no question he shouldn’t have been behind the wheel, on account of his suspended license, he may have a strong defense that he wasn’t drunk, but rather in the throws of a diabetic attack.
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