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What is a Business Purpose Only License in Florida?

A business purpose only license in Florida is a designated a “C” restriction and is defined a s follows:

Any driving necessary to maintain livelihood, driving to and from work, and any necessary on-the-job-driving, driving for educational purposes and driving for church and for medical purposes.

What is an Employment Purposes Only License in Florida?

An employment purpose only license in Florida is designated as a “d” restriction and is defined as follows:
Driving to and from work, and any necessary on-the-job-driving.

A violation of the above restrictions may result in a traffic criminal charge and may also jeopardize a driver’s ability to keep their license for the balance of the suspension/revocation period.
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Sporadic system crashes at DMVs across the state have led to longer wait times for license renewals and other tasks, frustrating Florida drivers and officials alike. Since November 3, the system has been crashing intermittently, and IBM has declared the situation critical. A spokesperson for the DMV said the situation has not yet been fixed.

Because of stricter ID requirements for getting a driver’s license following 9/11, Florida motorists already faced frustratingly long wait times at DMV offices. Long waits were made even worse at the Deerfield office when two bathrooms went out of order, sending sewage up through the floor.

However, officials have assured the public that those in line by 5pm would be assisted by DMV employees.

Source: Driver license renewal wait gets longer because of intermittent system crashes, South Florida Sun Sentinel, November 12, 2010 Continue reading

FL_texting_teens.jpgOur Palm Beach County traffic lawyers have learned that the FHP is teaming up with cell phone service provider Verizon to introduce an awareness campaign aimed at teen drivers. The campaign, called “Danger Thumbs” will help educate young motorists about the dangers of driving and texting. The campaign began earlier this month at a driver’s ed class in Pembroke Pines.

Verizon’s involvement in the campaign includes contests, surveys, quizzes, and fan pages on social media sites like Facebook. Verizon says it has banned employees from texting while on the job or in a company vehicle.

Source: FHP’s anti-texting campaign to hit schools this semester, South Florida Sun Sentinel, September 3, 2010 Continue reading

FL_teen_drivers.jpgAs Florida teens head back to school, many of them will be eagerly awaiting another important rite of passage: getting their learner’s permit and, eventually, a driver’s license. Here in Florida, teens are eligible for a learner’s permit once they turn 15. However, budget and staffing cuts have resulted in longer wait times.

Our Broward County traffic attorneys recently read some tips on making the process easier, which we’ll share below.

Make an appointment online. Often this will allow you to wait in a shorter line, inside with air conditioning rather than outside in the heat.

Ask your teen to do the written tests online. They’ll want to do this well in advance, because they’ll have to wait for a certificate of completion to arrive in the mail for their drug and alcohol test. The written driving test can also be completed online, and gets you a waiver number to bypass taking the test in person.

When in doubt, bring extra documents! There’s a lengthy list of items that Florida drivers are expected to bring to the DMV, so make sure you bring all originals of your required documents or you may have to make a repeat trip.

Source: South Florida parents share their stories and advice, South Florida Sun Sentinel, August 23, 2010 Continue reading

Our South Florida traffic attorneys read about an Englewood woman whose Florida driver’s license contained a comical error. After the woman mailed her $48 renewal fee, she received her new state-issued ID in the mail and noticed a new street address. The error? The license stated her address as “Eat Ass” in Englewood, Florida.

No word from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles on how this happened.

After getting a song-and-dance from the DMV on the phone, the couple visited a local DMV office and got a quote for a new license if they wanted the old one replaced. Florida officials later contacted the woman to let her know that a new driver’s license was in the mail at no cost to her.

Source: Woman shocked to see vulgar address on new driver’s license, South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 20, 2010 Continue reading

FL_drivers_license.jpgAccording to a recent article, Florida drivers say the new identification requirements at the DMV are proving to be a hassle. When a reporter visited a Fort Lauderdale branch of the DMV, he discovered a frustrated group of customers waiting in line with birth certificates, passports, citizenship diplomas, and other paperwork.

Some of these people would wait three to four hours or make return trips if they don’t bring proper documentation.

The new documentation requirements went into effect on January 1 and applies to those seeking a new driver’s license, a renewal, an address update, or replacements for lost or stolen licenses. It grew out of the 2005 Real ID Act passed by Congress. While states have until next year to comply, many have resisted and the requirements may eventually get scrapped.

Source: License to frustrate: Get-tough ID policies could snag all Floridians, South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 8, 2010 Continue reading

Our South Florida attorneys have learned that due to budget cuts, Palm Beach County will be closing its five driver’s license offices over the next year. The Delray Beach office will close June 30. Several other closings are planned throughout the state of Florida to assist with the worsening budgetary issues. The state anticipates a $100 million budget shortfall for 2011.

Although local tax collection offices are supposed to take over the driver’s license renewal and issuing duties, Palm Beach County officials say they don’t have the space in their Delray Beach satellite office, which already shares space with the property appraiser.

According to the county, the Delray Beach driver’s license office processed more than 86,000 transactions last year. A new office is proposed for Lantana and would Palm Beach County’s only full-service driver’s license office.

Source: Palm Beach County considers alternatives to Delray drivers license office, South Florida Sun Sentinel, March 15, 2010 Continue reading

Our South Florida law blog has already covered the new federal identification requirements for renewing a driver’s license on January 13, 1010 – “Broward and Palm Beach County Traffic Attorneys Discuss New ID Requirements for Driver’s Licenses.” We anticipated that it could cause delays at the DMV, and that proved to be an understatement for one Port St. Lucie doctor who tried to renew his driver’s license earlier this month.

The 52-year-old man brought along all the necessary paperwork, including his United States password and Social Security card. But his renewal application was rejected because the names on his identification documents didn’t match. Both had his first and last name listed, but his passport includes a middle name that was missing from his Social Security card. After making calls to the state Division of Highway and Safety and getting help from the office of a state representative, the doctor will be able to renew his driver’s license.

Florida is among the first states to enact Real ID. All drivers must age 50 and younger must have the Real ID by December 1, 2014. Those over 50 have until three more years.

Source: Real ID a real problem for Port St. Lucie doctor who wanted to renew license,, January 20, 2010 Continue reading

As of January 1, Florida drivers will have to show at least four pieces of identification to receive a new driver’s license or identification card. The changes are in keeping with the federal REAL ID Act, which sets a nationwide standard for issuing driver’s licenses and IDs.

One piece of identification is “primary identification” and can include an original birth certificate or passport. A green card or visa can be used by immigrants or foreign nationals. Those seeking a driver’s license will also need to show a social security number, which can be in the form of a paycheck, w-2 form, and other forms. In addition, applicants must show two proofs of a residential address such as a utility bill, a mortgage statement, or a voter registration card.

Before the new guidelines went into effect, those with an old driver’s license or an out-of-state license need only hand over the old license to receive a new one. Now their documents will be scanned and sent to state and federal agencies to be verified. Officials predict that this could lead to long lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Source: VIDEO/POLL: Tougher background checks will slow those seeking Florida driver license,, December 30, 2009 Continue reading

Florida_arrests.jpgOur Delray Beach criminal defense attorneys have just learned that five employees of the Department of Motor vehicles west of Delray Beach were arrested last Friday.

A task force headed up by the Palm Beach County State Attorney’s Office was created to investigate the issuance of Florida driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. These immigrants all showed fraudulent passports and/or U.S.I-94 forms as identity and proof of presence in the United States to the DMV.

The Florida DMV employees have been charged with driver’s license fraud, official misconduct, unlawful compensation and computer crimes. Each of those four felonies carries a maximum sentence of five years Florida State Prison. An affidavit from the Florida Highway Patrol states that the employees were paid for their role in this illegal scheme and were fired on Friday.

Delray Beach: 5 accused of issuing fake driver’s licenses, South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 30, 2009
Five DMV employees arrested in driver’s license fraud, South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 29, 2009 Continue reading

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