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Yesterday, the Supreme Court kicked-off rulings season by issuing a number of key opinions, one of which dealt with a man who had been convicted of violating a federal threat law after posting what the government deemed to be threatening messages on Facebook.
As our West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyers know, technology has created many dilemmas in today’s society; one of the most complex has been determining the extent to which free speech applies in the realm of social media.

Thankfully, with their ruling, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the strength of our First Amendment by siding with Anthony Elonis in his case against the government. The Court held that “negligence alone is not sufficient to support a conviction.”
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Back in September 2012, University of Florida student Christian Aguilar went missing. At the end of that month, his roommate, now-20-year-old Pedro Bravo, was charged with the murder, although no body had been found. Weeks later, hunters found the decomposing body of the victim in a shallow grave roughly 60 miles from Gainesville.
In the trial that is expected to wrap-up today or tomorrow, the prosecution has received some key assistance from an unlikely (and perhaps unreliable) source: Siri, the helpful and often times sarcastic iPhone assistant.

As our Palm Beach and Broward County cirminal defense lawyers know, the increasing presence of technology in our everyday lives has implications far beyond those one might expect. This fact is being brought to light in the murder case of Pedro Bravo, given the fact that data recorded on his smartphone on the day his roommate went missing is being used against him in a court of law.
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