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Our Hollywood and West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers know that law enforcement departments all across the country are adopting use of body cameras as a means by which to combat the tension stirring between police officers and the communities they patrol.
With police wear body cameras, advocates argue, people will get to see exactly how a police-civilian interaction went; this will both hold police officers accountable and protect them from frivolous accusations of misconduct.

One thorny problem, though, is who gets to see what the body cameras capture? What if it’s your arrest or altercation that’s filmed, and what if that footage is circulated on the Internet?
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This past week, the United States Supreme Court ruled that police officers who delay the conclusion of a traffic stop while they wait for a law enforcement canine to sniff for drugs (a process riddled with inaccuracy, as we will explore in this post) violate the Constitution by doing so.
Our West Palm Beach and Plantation criminal defense lawyers know that back in 2005, the Court ruled in Illinois v. Caballes that police could conduct a canine drug sniff during a traffic stop without violating the driver’s Fourth Amendment protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. Too often, routine routine traffic stops have been turning into drug busts.

With Rodriguez v. United States, the Supreme Court has clarified their understanding of the Constitutional law at play here; their ruling has given another protection to American citizens by making it harder for law enforcement officers to turn a traffic stop into a narcotics arrest.
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This year, the story of two Florida sisters accused of shooting and killing their brother has gripped much of the country. Early reports indicated that the 15-year-old girl shot and killed the 16-year-old brother, while the 11-year-old girl served as a “lookout” while her older sister retrieved the gun from a bedroom.
Initially, the two were going to be charged with murder. Then, in February, they were both released, with charges ruled out for the younger sister. Finally, last month, it was announced that the older sister would also be spared murder charges, a decision made in light of the alleged abuse the two sisters had suffered.

Our West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale juvenile defense lawyers know that this case serves as a great example of how impressionable children are and how seemingly criminal and malicious actions are often just the consequence of abuse and neglect.
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Our Delray Beach and West Palm Beach juvenile defense lawyers know that felony charges are not reserved for suspected murderers, drug cartel leaders and armed bank robbers. Earlier this month, a Florida teenage was arrested for and charged with a felony relating to a prank he pulled on his teacher.
The 14-year-old teenager allegedly logged into his school’s internet network using an administrative password (without permission, of course) and changed a teacher’s computer background to an image the teen thought would be funny.

While the desktop background image prank might seem harmless, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said the arrest and charges were warranted because someone who hacks into a protected internet network, such as a school district’s, has access to a great deal of sensitive and confidential information.
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Our Hollywood and West Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers know that the events which took place in North Charleston, South Carolina, last weekend have shaken the country.
The fact that a uniformed police officer fired 8 bullets at the back of a suspect fleeing on foot, fatally killing him, has raised questions of morals, ethics, and responsibility. But we know that this incident raises an important legal issue, namely whether or not this type of shooting is ever authorized and legal.

The fact is that there are situations in which a police officer would be justified in fatally shooting a fleeing suspect. That said, given what authorities know about the North Charleston incident, the police officer has been charged with murder.
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On Tuesday, April 7th, Kentucky Senator (and Dr.) Rand Paul announced that he’d like you to vote for him on November 8th of next year as he made official his candidacy for President of the United States.
We know that one of the things that sets Paul apart from his official and presumptive competitors seeking the Republican nomination is his stance on prison reform; in particular, Sen. Paul has taken great issue with the overwhelmingly disproportionate rates at which minorities are incarcerated for non-violent crimes.

While Republican politicians tend to be less lenient when it comes to punishing drug offenders, Sen. Paul, guided by the same libertarian-minded philosophy that influenced his father, Fmr. Rep. Dr. Ron Paul, has taken a markedly progressive stance when it comes to an issue that is of great concern to our Pembroke Pines and Delray Beach drug crime defense lawyers at the Law Offices of Leifert & Leifert.
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Despite falling just short of the 60% threshold last November, the strong majority of Floridians have supported medical marijuana for some time. But the tide is turning even further in that a majority of Floridians now support decriminalizing the recreational use of marijuana.
As our Delray Beach and Fort Lauderdale drug crime defense lawyers at Leifert & Leifert know, states across the country are starting to adopt more lenient marijuana laws. While many have approved medical marijuana, some have even made the recreational use of cannibals legal.

Florida may be the next state to do so with more than half of the state’s voters supporting legalization. While it may not meet the standard for a successful ballot initiative, that clear majority has the potential to influence state legislators and this — or the next — governor.
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Big-time marijuana dealers, international cocaine importers and sophisticated networks of interstate heroin pushers — these are the types of people and organizations who tend to be caught in the tentacles of the Department of Justice (DOJ) when it comes to criminal drug charges.
Now, as our Plantation and West Palm Beach drug crime defense lawyers know, you can add FedEx — the international delivery and courier service — to that list. That’s right: FedEx is currently defending itself against 15 criminal counts enumerated in a 2014 indictment filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

While the DOJ is arguing that FedEx violated federal drug crimes for transporting such illegal substances, the international courier service is arguing that it’s protected against such charges as a company that “carries goods for the public.”
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Our Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach Gardens criminal defense lawyers are pleased that, yesterday, the Florida Senate (nearly unanimously) passed a new bill aimed at reducing beatings and corruption in our state’s deeply flawed and scandalous prison system.
The bill, which passed on a resounding 36-1 vote, will alter current state law in two significant ways: first, it will remove the governor’s right to appoint a corrections secretary; second, it will allow for the creation of a commission with the ability to independently investigate reports of corruption and death in Florida prisons. Unfortunately, such reports have increased in recent months, as we’ve discussed.

As we know, the State of Florida has been taking a lot of heat about the scandals emanating from the prison system. Hopefully, this bill is indicative of forthcoming, positive changes.
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In the wake of national scandals concerning questionable use of force by law enforcement officers, West Palm Beach police will today begin wearing body cameras.
As our West Palm Beach and Delray Beach criminal defense lawyers know, the hope is that the footage captured by these cameras will remove doubt and be the definitive word in a potential he-said, she-said-type controversy, as we saw gave rise to months of violent clashes in Ferguson, MO.

Though quite small, these tiny cameras (which can be clipped onto sunglasses, caps or collars) are expected to make a big difference by improving relations between police officers and the civilians they’re meant to serve. That said, we know there is a major issue with the implementation of the program, one which could potentially render it useless.
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