Prostitution, Murder and Complications

Our experienced criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Leifert & Leifert represent clients fighting a wide range of criminal charges. Often times, we defend individuals in cases in which a variety of purported criminal acts are brought into question. These types of cases are especially complex and, unfortunately, they are often riddled with unfounded assumptions and baseless accusations.handcuffs-1156821-m.jpg

According to an article published by the Sun Sentinel, a 19-year-old woman was recently arrested in Broward County on charges that she, a supposed “escort,” murdered a client after he attempted to stiff her. According to local authorities, earlier this year, the young woman attacked the man and choked him to death in Lake Worth after he tried to flee without compensating her for the sexual services she had provided to him.

Now, these charges are by nature problematic; being accused of murder is never a good position in which to find yourself. However, for this young woman, the cards are even more unfairly stacked against her than they might be against somebody else due to the fact that she is accused of being a prostitute, someone who engages in activities that are both illegal and widely looked down upon.

Whether or not she actually is a prostitute is important, because the answer to that question is directly tied to the viability of the story being floated by the police, that she choked this man to death after he refused to pay her for sex. The burden to prove that she was indeed acting as an escort is on the prosecution.

Still, the mere utterance of the possibility that this young lady is a prostitute already undermines her character and thus her reliability in the court of public opinion and also in the court of law. Time after time, our Palm Beach and Broward County criminal defense attorneys have witnessed trials essentially finish before they’ve begun, because people establish unfounded views about a defendant after hearing unpleasant stories (true or false) about the defendant in question.

According to the defendant, who by law remains innocent of all charges until proven guilty in a trial by jury, the man raped and robbed the young woman, and she only attacked him in defense of herself and her property. The authorities, however, did not believe her story and when a medical examiner determined that the cause of death of the man was “homicide,” they placed her under arrest and brought her to jail where she will await trial.

Biased opinions and unfair judgments are ubiquitous in society. While opposing viewpoints and subjective analyses may inundate the airwaves and the internet, they should not creep into the doors of a courthouse given the duty to carry out the law in a prudent manner. Making claims about an individual before all of the facts have been presented can lead to the unfair development of baseless opinions which, in a criminal case, can have devastating effects ont he life of the defendant, who in this case is a young 19-year-old woman.

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