New Charges Can Have Serious Consequences for those on Probation in Broward County

A Greenacres man, who had been given a reprieve on drug charges, essentially blew it when he was arrested on domestic violence battery charges recently. pills1.jpg

Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyers understand that police and prosecutors agreed to strike a deal with him, after he was caught manufacturing and trafficking drugs: The chance for a reduced sentence in exchange for cooperating against his supplier.

It might have ultimately resulted in a significantly reduced sentence, had it not been for his subsequent arrest for grabbing his girlfriend during an argument.

According to The Sun Sentinel, the defendant had been in and out of jail since 2002, when he was first arrested for resisting a police officer. Since then, he’s been arrested seven times.

But now, his past criminal history, combined with the new allegations, has left him facing several years behind bars.

About a month ago, the defendant and a woman checked into a motel room in Lantana. While there was nothing inherently suspicious about the pair, but then the front desk received an anonymous call.

That caller reportedly told the front desk the names of the two individuals, and said they had checked in with a boatload of drugs and weapons.

An off-duty police officer who was working a detail at the hotel was given the information. He verified the names of the two individuals who had checked in. He then knocked on the door and informed the man who answered of the call that had been received.

The man invited the officer in the room and the officer immediately noted a bag of marijuana on the bed. The defendant confirmed it was marijuana, but said there was nothing else in the room. He offered to let the officer search.

What he found was damning: four pounds of various drugs, including cocaine, Xanax, Oxycodone, Ecstacy and Hydrocodone. He also found a suitcase that had several vials of a mystery substance that was labeled, “Merida.” He also had bottles of Vitamin B, which is often used to mix with cocaine. there was also a digital scale, a marijuana grinder – and a drug ledger, detailing names, phone numbers and various details of prior drug deals.

Additionally, the officer found a handgun.

The man said he had never seen the gun before, and the woman admitted it was hers, saying she bought it from a friend and the man never knew it was in the room. He told the officer he had to deal drugs in order to support his six children.

At this point, we must wonder about the officer’s characterization of the room search as “voluntary.” If the search was not conducted in accordance with the law, an experienced defense attorney may be successful in having the charges dismissed. The man was arrested. However, when detectives became aware of his connections, he reportedly agreed to turn state’s evidence.

This is a dangerous proposition, and not possible – or advisable – in every case. But it can be a valuable bargaining chip for someone facing serious time in prison. No “deal” should ever be accepted without consultation with you defense attorney.

Now, with his most recent arrest on domestic violence battery hanging over his head, as well as a news story detailing the deal he tried to make, it’s unlikely he will be of any use as a confidential informant.

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