Officer Arrested on Prostitution Charges in Pompano Beach

A police officer has been arrested amid allegations that he solicited a prostitute in Pompano Beach recently. heels.jpg

Our Pompano Beach defense lawyers understand that this is a serious charge for an officer, particularly given that his arrest was the result of an undercover sting carried out by members of his own agency.

As spelled out in FL Statute 796.07, a first offense is considered a second-degree misdemeanor. That means it’s punishable by up to 60 days in jail, plus fines and other civil penalties.

But with an arrest like this, there is usually a great deal more at stake then simply the possibility of a few days in jail. It’s the embarrassment. It’s the potential implosion that such a revelation could have on your relationships at home. And, as in this case, it’s about what could happen if your employer finds out.

Our Pompano Beach prostitution defense lawyers understand the critical importance of discretion in these cases. Of course, if you are an officer or a high-ranking official, there may be no way to conceal certain details from the media. In those cases, having someone speak to the media for you can be a critical public relations move. The worst thing you can do in an already awful situation is give a statement that could potentially hurt your case – and then have it broadcast or published.

For those who aren’t in law enforcement or serving in public office, these cases can be handled discretely.

Either way, trying to pretend it didn’t happen isn’t going to help anyone. The best thing you can do is secure legal counsel immediately, and answer questions for no one.

In this case, not only is the involved officer under suspension, so is the sergeant who signed off on his arrest report.

The details we have on this case so far are sketchy, with police citing the ongoing internal investigation as a reason for being tight-lipped.

According to The Sun-Sentinel, the 40-year-old deputy reportedly offered $20 to a woman if she would give him oral sex. As it turned out, that woman was actually a colleague of his who was working undercover.

Now we don’t know exactly how the events unfolded after that point, except that the deputy, who had established a 10-year career with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, was not immediately arrested. In fact, he wasn’t taken into custody until four hours later. The location of his arrest is listed as a sports bar and grill in Coral Springs.

Presumably, the suspension of the arresting officer has to do with this point, although we don’t know that yet.

Both have been suspended with pay.

An attorney for the deputy facing charges was quoted as saying that the alleged act appeared to be a cry for help, and implored the department to offer him the option of treatment, rather than termination.

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