Broward Homicide Defense: Too Sick to Kill?

Fort Lauderdale homicide defense attorneys are arguing that their client could not physically have committed the Broward homicide, due to illness and limitations. vectorknife.jpg

Our Broward defense attorneys understand that most homicide cases require extensive investigation and input from those in the medical and scientific communities.

It used to be, many Broward homicide cases were predicated primarily on circumstantial evidence or witness testimony, which we have repeatedly been proven unreliable. However, with the advent of DNA technology and advances in modern medicine, trials are taking a much more technical approach. Jurors more often expect that prosecutors will present a case that shows at least some level of scientific proof. Defense attorneys, meanwhile, have to combat this with the same level of sophistication – and that’s why it is crucial to hire a Broward homicide defense attorney with experience in handling such high-level cases.

In this situation, a Plantation man is accused of killing his landlord in a vicious stabbing and home invasion robbery in 2010. However, medical doctors testifying for the defense said that the accused was suffering from asthmatic bronchitis, lung problems, and incapacitating pain in his shoulders, knees, back and ankles at the time of the killing.

The two doctors had been treating the suspect for these ailments prior to his arrest.

Prosecutors contend that these physical impediments would not have necessarily prevented him from carrying out the crime. Still, it appears they may have an uphill battle in making that case, considering the weight jurors often give to the testimony of medical doctors.

The suspect is facing a first-degree murder charge, as specified in Doctors: Murder suspect in pain but not incapable of crime, BY DANIEL CHANG, The Miami Herald

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