Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Faces Perjury Charges

A Fort Lauderdale police officer was recently arrested on charges that he committed perjury and falsified a police report, the Sun Sentinel reports.

While most people in the public want to think police officers are infallible and their word should be taken with 100 percent certainty, that simply isn’t the case. Like lay witnesses who are called in to testify at trial, police officers can make mistakes. In some cases, they intentionally skirt the truth, but by and large they do a good job and it’s usually only a few bad apples who spoil the bunch.
In situations in which a person faces criminal charges in West Palm Beach, he or she must have solid defense representation at every step of the process. And that only comes from hiring an experienced West Palm Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer. Whether someone faces drug charges, theft charges or even murder in Fort Lauderdale, the actions of police officers who work on the case must be questioned.

In this case, a 28-year-old patrol officer who has been on the force for the last two years, was arrested and recently released from jail after posting bond. According to the newspaper, the case stems from a 30-year-old man who was arrested in September 2010.

According to the police reports, the man was pulled over for driving with a suspended license after being stopped for driving a vehicle with an expired tag. Three officers worked on the case and the one who was charged is the one who drove him to the jail and filled out the reports that state he saw the man driving.

However, another officer testified in a deposition under oath that he was the officer who pulled the man over and that the other officer couldn’t have seen the man driving because he responded as backup. GPS records confirmed the other officer’s statements and the charges against the man were dropped.

The good news here is that at least the other police officer was honest and sought to do the right thing rather than form a cover-up situation. As previously mentioned, most law enforcement officers seek to do the right thing, whether the case gets solved or not.

Even if there aren’t any allegations of impropriety on the part of the police officers involved in any particular case, it is important for an experienced West Palm Beach criminal defense attorney to inspect the case closely and look for possible problems with police procedure.

While some in the public think that the police should use any means to get the evidence that is to be used against a defendant, the courts, fortunately, disagree. Judges have ruled time and time again that there are certain regulations officers must follow in order to ensure a defendant’s rights are upheld. If they violate the rules, evidence they collect can be thrown out and not used against the person at trial.

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