Fort Lauderdale Police Investigated For Drug Bust Arrests

An elite squad of Fort Lauderdale police officers have been relieved of duty with pay until a criminal investigation into two arrests they made is completed, the South Florida Times reports.

This is a prime example that police are not above the law and should be held accountable. But what this also shows is how crucial hiring the right Fort Lauderdale Drug Defense Lawyer is for your case. Drug cases can be complex and have many differing aspects that must be considered. Sentences can range from treatment in a facility to serious prison time, so don’t leave defense of this type of charge up to just anyone.

The Fort Lauderdale police investigation centers around the Street Crimes Division, a group of officers called the Northwest Raiders because of the predominantly black, northwest area of the city where the group originally operated.

During an August operation, two men were arrested and charged with possession and delivery of cocaine after a confidential informant told police a drug deal would be going down at a local hotel. The group of officers set up surveillance and pulled over the pair, according to the news report. The police report details that one of the suspects dropped a container on the floor of the car that cocaine dropped out of. The officers said the substance equaled one gram and tested positive for cocaine.

The newspaper reports that the officers may have fabricated and lied about what happened and that the state attorney’s office is investigating. They are analyzing a video tape and other evidence.

In any Fort Lauderdale drug case, the amount of the drug recovered by police goes a long way in determining how serious the charges may be. According to Florida Statutes 893.13, purchasing more than 10 grams of a long list of drugs can subject you to punishment for a first-degree felony, which is up to 30 years in a state prison.

But simply the amount of the drug and what type is not all that must be taken into consideration. Where the arrest is made is crucial, too. Florida Statutes 893.13 states that selling drugs within 1,000 feet of a school, place of worship, assisted living facility, public housing complex, public park or other places can involve enhanced penalties as well.

And multiple convictions can add to the number of years a person may face in prison. This is why attempting to suppress the evidence collected by police because of improper procedure, a lack of probable cause or other reasons is very important. And our experienced lawyers, who have both filed these motions and defended against them in court, are able to best assist you.

Consult with our law firm before you make any statements to police and allow us to fight for your rights. Hiring a lawyer can make a substantial difference in your life. So, choose the firm that has years of experience in the criminal justice system.

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