Fort Lauderdale Sex Crime Attorney Needed for High-Profile Cases

Two South Florida residents were arrested recently on high-profile sex crimes involving children, one who allegedly exposed himself to young moviegoers and one who allegedly exposed herself to children near a bus stop, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Both defendants will no doubt face high scrutiny from the media and public, which will likely cause prosecutors to take a hard-line stance in their cases. A Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney will take an objective look at the facts and decide upon the best course of action.

In the case in Davie, a man is charged with exposing himself to a young girl at a movie theater. According to the newspaper, the man allegedly cornered a girl after a movie ended, showed her a badge, told her he was a police officer, and exposed himself.
According to the newspaper, the man allegedly later called the girl and authorities were able to trace his phone number to the call and match him with a police sketch.

In Pompano Beach, a Tamarac woman allegedly exposed her breasts to a group of children waiting for a bus. After being overcharged with lewd and lascivious exhibition, the woman’s first appearance judge downgraded the charge to disorderly conduct.

According to the newspaper, the woman was spotted undressing near a group of children. The judge ordered that she undergo a mental health examination.

In both cases, an experienced West Palm Beach sex crimes law firm can be your best bet to fending off crimes that can expose you to years in prison as well as public embarrassment and sex-offender registration.

In cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct, often young adults or children are the state’s most valuable witnesses. And as is the case sometimes, their testimony can be unreliable. Police may overstep their bounds in their treatment of the defendant. All these are factors that will be explored by aggressive and experienced defense attorneys in Broward County and Palm Beach County.

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