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A 26-year-old woman was recently arrested in Fort Lauderdale after authorities contend she got into a fight with her ex-husband, tried to burn down his house and then run him over, NBC News reports.

Arson in Florida is considered a first-degree felony, which means it’s punishable by up to 30 years in prison. Often, an arson charge can be reduced to a less-serious charge with the help of an aggressive and experienced Fort Lauderdale Criminal Defense Attorney, but it requires experience, dedication and knowledge of the criminal justice system to obtain the best results.
Along with two counts of arson, the woman is also charged with aggravated assault and burglary. According to the news report, the woman and her ex-husband got into a fight on Southwest 4th Court in Fort Lauderdale after which she allegedly set the house and his car on fire before trying to run him over.

The story is a prime example of a very bad day turning into a potentially devastating lifelong problem for a person. It’s times like these when a team of former prosecutors should be called on to stand by your side. These are serious felony crimes in Broward County and could result in dozens of years of imprisonment.

That’s why you should consult with an attorney as soon as possible. After police make an arrest, the state attorney’s office has a certain amount of time to review the case and decide how they will file charges or if they will file charges at all. This is one of the most critical points of the case because having an advocate can result in some charges not being filed or less-serious charges being filed against you.

Think about it: If arson charges by police are reduced to criminal mischief charges by prosecutors you are in a better position to negotiate down the road. Not to mention, criminal mischief is a misdemeanor and arson is a felony. Acting quickly is important.

Domestic violence crimes aren’t uncommon. According to statistics from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, there were more than 6,800 domestic violence related crimes in Broward County and another 5,700 in Palm Beach County in 2010.

The U.S. Constitution requires that everyone has a defense and you should look no further. Consult today if you face these types of charges or any other criminal charges in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach County or elsewhere in South Florida.
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Fraud charges in Florida are serious and require an experienced Fort Lauderdale criminal defense lawyer who will stand by your side every step of the way.

Fraud charges can range in penalties and can even lead to you being charged federally, depending on the circumstances. In most cases, fraud charges are felonies in Florida punishable by prison time, along with fines, fees, possibly probation and other conditions.
Recently, South Florida has experienced two highly publicized cases involving alleged fraud. In one case, a man is accused of buying salvaged vehicles and selling them without revealing the vehicles’ true histories, the Sun Sentinel reports. According to The Miami Herald, a Dania Beach woman and two others from Texas are accused of fraud for allegedly telling people they would clean their cash of evil spirits but instead kept the money.

In both the cases, law enforcement has accused the defendants of deception through business. Often, these types of cases can simply be a misunderstanding by the parties and paperwork or contracts can sometimes be a strong defense to fraud charges.

But consult with a Broward County criminal defense team quickly and don’t speak to law enforcement. Police typically rely on witnesses who are said to be victims and the credibility of these witnesses can be your best defense. Giving a statement to police can come back to haunt you at trial. It’s best to let your Palm Beach County defense team do the work.

A Dania Beach woman and two women from Texas are charged with wire fraud in federal court after authorities charged them with taking nearly $60,000 from people after guaranteeing they would “determine if evil spirits were present in their lives or the lives of their loved ones and if those spirits were causing illnesses or other problems,” according to news reports. The women told victims they needed to “cleanse” their money to make evil spirits disappear.

Because the money was sent via wire between 2007 and 2008, they are charged with federal wire fraud. And they are charged in federal court instead of state circuit court because the victims lived in other states.

In the Pompano Beach case, a man accused of buying salvaged vehicles at auction and rebuilding them, but not telling the buyers they had been rebuilt. In one case, two men bought a car from the defendant for more than $13,000 only to be told the vehicle wasn’t under warranty and that it had been in a bad accident. The defendant’s attorney hinted at a recent hearing that someone else may have been responsible for the sales.

The bottom line here is that if you are facing fraud charges, don’t put your faith in a less-experienced law firm. Hire former prosecutors who know the system and know how to best defend you against the power of the state. The best offense is a good defense, so don’t waste time.
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The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that two teenagers were recently given $50,000 bail in connection with the road rash death of another teen in an alleged robbery gone bad.

Our Fort Lauderdale defense attorneys are former prosecutors who handle all types of criminal cases, including those involving juveniles. While the state may try to charge a teen as an adult, it’s possible that in some cases the charges can be referred to juvenile court. Juvenile crimes can be devastating for a teen’s reputation and future.
In this case, Pembroke Pines Police allege a teen was trying to sell about $25 in marijuana. While one of the suspects was examining the marijuana, the other allegedly sped away with the victim clinging to the vehicle for about 280 feet before he struck his head and suffered severe head trauma. He died two days later at Memorial Regional Hospital.

The newspaper quotes the police report, which states the two teens intended to rob the victim, yet prosecutors haven’t charged the pair with robbery. The state has charged the teens, who are 17 and 19, with manslaughter with a deadly weapon, leaving the scene of a fatal accident and attempting to buy marijuana. The newspaper reports they could each face up to 31 years in prison.

But it appears the state doesn’t believe the two intended to commit a robbery. In cases involving teenagers, often it’s possible to convince prosecutors through expert witnesses and other means that the defendant should be charged in juvenile court, which can substantially reduce the potential sentence.

Also in cases where the co-defendants are teenagers, it’s possible that witness credibility is at issue. All these are areas that should be explored by an experiened West Palm Beach defense team.

Manslaughter is defined as the negligent killing of a person without lawful justification. In Florida, manslaughter is punishable by up to 15 years in a state prison. A teenager sentenced to such a lengthy term in prison is a shame, but it can be avoided in some cases. Fight the charges, but choose the right lawyer.
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The case of a Fort Lauderdale man accused of hitting a motorcyclist on I-95 shows the importance of an experienced Broward County DUI attorney.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that a 30-year-old man was driving north on the interstate when he hit a man riding a motorcycle. Authorities report he then was chased about five miles by witnesses until Hollywood police arrived and arrested him. He is charged with DUI causing serious bodily injury and property damage and leaving the scene of an accident with injuries.

DUI defense in Palm Beach County can be especially critical because of the laws in the State of Florida. DUI penalties are steep. For instance, a person convicted of driving under the influence in a crash that involves serious bodily injury can be sent to prison for up to five years.
In the case in Hollywood, the motorcyclist, who wasn’t wearing a helmet, was sent to Memorial Regional Hospital in critical condition. He was ejected from his motorcycle after driving on the highway. That is serious bodily injury and could subject the driver to hard time.

While DUI causing property damage and leaving the scene of an accident are both misdemeanor crimes, they can be punished by jail time, fines, fees, DUI school, community service, an ignition interlock device, a vehicle impound and other sanctions. The list goes on. More serious penalties can be applied if a victim is seriously injured or killed.

Lawmakers frequently target DUI offenders with increased penalties. And not only will you have to deal with the court hearings and the possible penalties, but also the public humiliation over the charge.

But there is hope. Consult with an experienced West Palm Beach DUI attorney and we will fight your case. Don’t be fooled: experience does matter. Statistics from the Florida Highway Patrol show only about half of those charged with drunk driving in Florida are convicted in any given year.
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Two South Florida residents were arrested recently on high-profile sex crimes involving children, one who allegedly exposed himself to young moviegoers and one who allegedly exposed herself to children near a bus stop, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Both defendants will no doubt face high scrutiny from the media and public, which will likely cause prosecutors to take a hard-line stance in their cases. A Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney will take an objective look at the facts and decide upon the best course of action.

In the case in Davie, a man is charged with exposing himself to a young girl at a movie theater. According to the newspaper, the man allegedly cornered a girl after a movie ended, showed her a badge, told her he was a police officer, and exposed himself.
According to the newspaper, the man allegedly later called the girl and authorities were able to trace his phone number to the call and match him with a police sketch.

In Pompano Beach, a Tamarac woman allegedly exposed her breasts to a group of children waiting for a bus. After being overcharged with lewd and lascivious exhibition, the woman’s first appearance judge downgraded the charge to disorderly conduct.

According to the newspaper, the woman was spotted undressing near a group of children. The judge ordered that she undergo a mental health examination.

In both cases, an experienced West Palm Beach sex crimes law firm can be your best bet to fending off crimes that can expose you to years in prison as well as public embarrassment and sex-offender registration.

In cases involving allegations of sexual misconduct, often young adults or children are the state’s most valuable witnesses. And as is the case sometimes, their testimony can be unreliable. Police may overstep their bounds in their treatment of the defendant. All these are factors that will be explored by aggressive and experienced defense attorneys in Broward County and Palm Beach County.
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Fort Lauderdale Tea Party Founder Danita Kilcullen was arrested in October during a rally in Boca Raton for allegedly kicking an officer with three-inch stiletto heels, the Broward Palm Beach New Times reports.

Kilcullen recently pleaded guilty to trespassing and resisting arrest, charges that will keep her out of jail long term.Her embarrassing case shows the importance of a Fort Lauderdale criminal defense firm with the knowledge and ability to fight to keep a charge off your record; mitigate the potential penalties for conviction; and even work to clear or seal a criminal conviction.

According to the New Times, Kilcullen was attending a political event at the Embassy Suites hotel in Boca Raton where she said she tried to use a bathroom in an area of the hotel being used for a private event. After having consumed wine at her event, the New Times reports, she was told to use the main lobby bathroom, to which she objected.

After people attending the private function complained, an officer grabbed her by the wrist and took her out of the bathroom, which caused her to begin yelling at the officer. Police say she was asked to leave several times before being arrested for trespassing. While in a police cruiser, she allegedly kicked an officer with her heels.

She told the New Times she was embarrassed about the incident and had hoped no media would report about it. But in the Internet age where information can travel fast, it is important to fight your case and work toward a resolution that’s in your best interest.

In Florida, felony charges can often be beaten at trial or reduced to misdemeanors with a successful plea agreement. That’s why hiring an aggressive Broward criminal defense firm that includes former prosecutors can help resolve your case in a favorable manner.

Florida law also allows for certain types of crimes to be sealed and expunged from your record. That means future employers, state agencies and the public wouldn’t know about the charges.
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A criminal conviction could follow you for the rest of your life … thanks in part to the Internet. Those facing felony charges in Palm Beach or elsewhere in South Florida have more reasons than ever to keep a conviction off their records. A conviction — even a misdemeanor conviction — can make it difficult to land a job and may even prevent you from renting an apartment in certain areas.

A Broward criminal defense attorney can frequently seek a reduction or dismissal of the charges. In all cases, he can accurately advise you of your rights and the potential consequences of a plea. Some charges may require you to register as a sex offender, for example, while others, like domestic violence, could prevent you from owning a firearm or joining the military or a law enforcement agency.
The New York Times recently reported the story of a 38-year-old woman who was convicted of robbing a video store in 1997 but who has had no further brushes with the law in the past 14 years. Still, even after training in medical administration and a degree in psychology, employers grow leery when they learn of her history through criminal background checks.

Her criminal record has cost her more than a dozen job opportunities since graduating from college last year.

Thanks in part to stiffer sentencing guidelines and less leniency for non-violent offenses like drug possession, the pool of applicants includes more people with criminal histories. And each year more than 700.000 are released from state and federal prison. About 65 million Americans — or about 1 in 5 — have some type of criminal record, according to the National Employment Law Project.

While checking an employee’s background once required a trip to the courthouse, the Internet has made checking an employee’s background both easier and less expensive. In a survey conducted last year, almost 90 percent of companies said they conducted a criminal background check on some or all applicants.

Advocates say such discrimination can include those charged with relatively minor offenses, such as DUI. And being a convicted criminal is not a protected class — employers are not required to obey the same rules as they are for hiring women, minorities and those with disabilities.

In some cases, you may be able to have your criminal record sealed or expunged; speaking to an experienced attorney is the best bet for protecting your rights in the workplace and doing what you can to ensure that an old criminal conviction does not impact your current and future job prospects.
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