Car Chases in Fort Lauderdale often Complex Cases Requiring Aggressive Defense Attorney

A wild car chase sent six people to the hospital, the Sun-Sentinel reported.

Car chase charges should always be handled by an experienced defense attorney in Fort Lauderdale. These are complex cases. Passengers in a car involved in a chase can be victims — but are typically treated by authorities as if they had their foot on the gas. This can be particularly problematic when a serious or fatal accident is involved. In cases where law enforcement treats you as a perpetrator of the crime, you can be held responsible for the serious or fatal injuries that result.
And that can mean years or even decades behind bars.

In this case, the three men were arrested in Fort Lauderdale and ordered held without bail. The chase began about 6 p.m. Monday in Pompano Beach when Broward sheriff’s deputies tried to stop a black Nissan SUV. Authorities claim the driver accelerated toward two deputies who were in the street making an unrelated arrest.

This will also be an issue of contention for the defense. Authorities will likely charge the driver with assault with a deadly weapon or aggravated against a law enforcement officer. Intent will need to be established and there is a good chance an experienced defense lawyer will be able to get the charge reduced or dismissed. But it illustrates a common theme in charges that stem from a chase: Law enforcement typically file just about every charge they can dream up. What you are charged with is irrelevant. It’s what you are convicted of that matters.

Police say the men ultimately jumped out of the SUV and jumped into a Dodge Caliber hatchback. That car ultimately crashed into a Hyundai — injuring three adults and three children inside.

The Examiner reports police did indeed charge the driver with aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer. Other charges include resisting arrest, aggravated fleeing in a motor vehicle, failure to remain at the scene of an accident involving injury and burglary with battery.

Two of the men were also charged with probation violations.

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