Traffic Tickets Abound in Broward and West Palm Beach

Palm Beach traffic tickets account for about 10 percent of the traffic citations handed out statewide, the Palm Beach Post reported.

It’s an incredible number that has ticket-happy law enforcement agencies pouring millions in citation revenue into local government coffers. It also means you stand an excellent change of having your citation reduced or dismissed with the help of a Palm Beach traffic ticket defense lawyer capable of holding the overburdened system accountable.
The Post reports Palm Beach County hands out the most speeding tickets per resident of Florida’s 10 most-populous counties. Meanwhile Haverhill, which is less than a square mile in total size, has become a notorious speed trap where ticket revenue has skyrocketed 188 percent. The town’s ticket count has doubled in the past year. In 2010, 1,620 Haverhill speeding tickets were issued.

In Palm Beach County, enough tickets were issued to cite 1 in 11 residents last year. In Broward, it’s nearly 1 in 16. In Miami-Dade and Orange counties, it’s about 1 in 20. With less than 7 percent of the state’s population, Palm Beach County issued 10 percent of the state’s 1.1 million speeding tickets.

When asked to name local speed traps, drivers cited 60 locations. Spots in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, Haverhill and Lake Worth Road at Florida’s Turnpike topped the list.

Drawing particular ire was Haverhill’s 30 mph limit on Belevedere Road, a main artery where the limit is as high as 50 mph. Meanwhile, the number of tickets there has increased even as drivers have slowed down. The average speed was 12.7 mph over the limit last year, compared to 14.4 mph in 2006.

Since the beginning of the economic downturn, the number of tickets issued has decreased statewide and in most large municipalities. Not in Haverhill, where the numbers continue to increase. And not in 10 other smaller Palm Beach municipalities, which also reported increases.

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