Pill Mill Raid Highlights Issue of Prescription Drug Trafficking in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale

Eleven defendants — including five doctors — were arrested in Palm Beach after an investigation into so-called “pill mills,” the Palm Beach Post reported.

In an increasing number of cases, prescription medication is involved in felony drug charges in Palm Beach and elsewhere in South Florida. In this case, the defendants are accused of selling millions in pain medication to patients with trumped up injuries.
With high numbers of overdose deaths in South Florida being attributed to prescription drug abuse, our Palm Beach criminal defense lawyers continue to see an increased emphasis on enforcement. In cases involving doctors, it is particularly critical to seek well-qualified legal advice immediately. Doctors enjoy a confidential and complex relationship that is unique to each patient. Unfair charges can lead to the loss of a doctor’s medical license and financial devastation.

In this instance, the investigation dubbed “Operation Pill Nation” led to state and federal charges against 17 defendants. Authorities also report shuttering a number of clinics and seizing tens of millions of dollars in cash.

The operation was even highlighted by the Obama Administration. And, with increasing evidence that South Florida has become a central supplier for the prescription-drug black market nationwide, the continued emphasis on enforcement efforts is certain. Investigators revealed they had made more than 340 undercover prescription drug buys from more than 60 doctors at 40 clinics throughout the state.

Locally, 11 defendants face charges of racketeering and drug trafficking in Palm Beach County.

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