Listen to your Criminal Defense Lawyer in Broward County: Dress for Success in Court

While dressing for success may be falling out of fashion, it is possible for defendants to dress like they are ready to go to jail. As the Sun-Sentinel reports, increasingly casual dress in local courtrooms is not always the best way to make an impression on a judge.

Our Broward County criminal defense attorneys tell clients what to expect. And yes, we tell them how best to dress. We also tell them not to post anything on Facebook they don’t want to explain in court. Or to their mother.

This in addition to actually fighting for their rights from a legal standpoint.

As one woman found out, showing up with curlers in your hair, a shower cap, and slippers is not the best way to approach a judge who is about to decide your future. Few courthouses insist upon it anymore. The Broward County courthouse in Hollywood makes an attempt, with signs saying “No tank tops.”

Though they insist dress does not impact a case’s outcome, each judge is different. One said baggie pants won’t cut it; she refuses to hear a case if she can see a defendant’s underwear. In Palm Beach, defendants wearing t-shirts with offensive messages may be told to turn them inside out.

Court decorum differs by court and by state. Miniskirts won’t cut it in Ann Arbor, while in Trophy Club, Texas, body piercings, bathing suits and tattoos won’t fly. Neither will lingerie or pajamas.

But regardless of what a court insists upon, listening to your attorney about what to wear is just one more way you can get your money’s worth.

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