Palm Beach Defense Attorney at Leifert & Leifert Prompts Dismissal of Numerous Red-Light Camera Tickets

The Sun-Sentinel reported recently that many motorists are successfully getting traffic tickets in Fort Lauderdale dismissed by using a legal argument of Palm Beach Defense Attorney Robyn Rappaport Weiss, an associate at Leifert & Leifert.

Rappaport argued West Palm Beach officials should have to produce a certificate to prove the cameras were installed in accordance with state law. The judge accepted the argument, much to the satisfaction of about 20 defendants waiting in the courtroom, all of whom became instant winners.
Motorists continue to beat the tickets in large numbers. The program was established last year as a way to improve intersection safety while pouring some much-needed revenue into city coffers in West Palm Beach and Palm Springs. The Sun-Sentinel reports the score, for those who have challenged the tickets since October, stands at 198 rulings in favor of the motorist, and 56 in favor of the government.

We encourage motorists to fight most traffic citations. Red-light violations are a serious moving violation, which will result in a $264 fine and can substantially increase your car-insurance rates. Additionally, a serious moving violation on your record can substantially increase the potential penalty for future violations and can even result in the loss or suspension of your driving privileges.

The red-light camera program is off to a rough start. Numerous instances in court reveal citations are often erroneously issued to motorists. Some have proven they were out of town or even out of the country at the time the citation was issued. Others have been issued tickets while running a light as part of a funeral procession. Still others have used the videotape to prove their innocence as the tape used to issue the citation clearly show they did not run the red light.

Meanwhile, American Traffic Solutions, the company providing the cameras, is busy blaming the judge for upholding the rights of motorists. “Out of all of the judges in Florida that have heard these cases, it’s unfortunate that this judge refuses to adhere to the clear guidelines established in the legislation,” a spokesman was quoted as telling the Sun-Sentinel.

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