Boca Raton Traffic Lawyers Discuss Red-Light Cameras

Last week, the city council in Boca Raton voted 3-2 to approve a contract with American Traffic Solutions to install and operate red-light traffic-endorsement cameras. This vote could make Boca Raton the first city in southern Palm Beach County to install the cameras.

The city expects to make over a half million dollars per year from the cameras. But according to an assistant police chief, drivers caught running a red light during the first 30 days when the cameras are in operation will be issued a warning. Following the warning period, drivers will be subject to a $158. However, the red-light violation won’t count as points on the driver’s license.

While other South Florida counties including West Palm Beach, Palm Springs, and Royal Palm Beach already have red-light cameras installed, some are discontinuing them in response to legal challenges and a Florida law that makes red-light cameras less profitable. The law was enacted on July 1 and reduces the number of fines by allowing “careful and prudent” rolling right turns in areas that use red-light cameras.

Source: Boca Raton to install red-light cameras at five intersections, Palm Beach Post, December 17, 2010
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