Broward County DUI Attorney Discusses DUI Involving Prescription Drugs

prescription_Broward_DUI.jpgThough the incidence of driving under the influence of a prescription drug is increasing, authorities say it’s sometimes different to prove DUI when prescription drugs are involved. While a driver’s blood alcohol level can be quantified through a simple test, the state of Florida does not require a test to quantity the amount of prescription drugs in a DUI defendant’s system.

Field sobriety tests can be used to prove impairment, and drug recognition experts (DREs) are often called to the scene of a suspected DUI involving drugs, but those experts are in short supply because of the intensive training requirement.

Brevard County, Florida has about a dozen DREs for a county where thousands of motorists are charged with DUI annually. Like many other counties, Brevard does not track drug-related DUIs separately from cases involving alcohol.

Experts predict that if there were a quantitative analysis that could accurately prove the amount of drugs in a defendant’s system, it could lead to more plea deals.

Source: DUIs involving prescription drugs difficult to prove, USA Today, October 17, 2010
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