Miami Federal Prosecutor Accused in Exposure Case, No State Charges Filed

Our South Florida criminal defense attorneys have learned that the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office has chosen not to formally charge a federal prosecutor accused of exposing himself to a minor under the age of 16 due to “insufficient evidence.”

Police arrested the 36-year-old attorney on September 26 after the parents of a young girl accused him of exposing himself to a minor as he left the pool at a riverfront bar. He was reportedly wearing boxer shorts. The lawyer, who has specialized in narcotics and appellate cases, had recently returned from working at the Justice Department in Washington, D.C.

His attorneys called the arrest form a “fiction” and claimed that their client did not try to elude police officers at the outdoor bar because he was not aware that they were trying to detain him. Florida law prohibits adults from knowingly exposing minors to harmful motion pictures, exhibitions, shows, presentations, or representations.

Source: No state charges for Miami federal prosecutor accused in exposure case, Miami Herald, October 19, 2010
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