South Florida Attorneys Discuss Controversial Marijuana Test

FL_drug_lawers.jpgAccording to an investigative article, a commonly used marijuana test called Duquenois-Levine or D-L test often gives inaccurate results.

That’s what happened a 48-year-old Florida woman after using her “smudge stick” to commune with nature outside of Weston, Florida. She was later arrested and charged with marijuana possession based on the findings of a D-L test. However, she was later released from jail and never faced trial on marijuana possession charges. As a result, she decided to file a lawsuit for wrongful arrest.

Despite the fact that the D-L test has been proven unreliable in identifying marijuana, it’s still widely used by police officers across the country.

Source: Has the Most Common Marijuana Test Resulted in Tens of Thousands of Wrongful Convictions?,, July 28, 2010
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