Broward County Attorneys Discuss New Courthouse Garage

blueprint.jpgCompetition is underway in the battle to win a $35 million contract to build a 1,000-space parking garage at the new Broward County Courthouse. That $35 price tag does not include a covered walkway, which is considered by some courthouse personnel to be a must-have. This is currently the county’s largest public building project, so contractors are eagerly vying for a piece of the pie.

The three bidders involved in the project have hired lobbyists to raise awareness about the benefits of their plans. All three also say their proposals would be completed by Broward County’s September 2012 deadline.

The garage is the first part of the courthouse building project, which has an estimated $330 million budget. As Broward criminal defense lawyers, we’ll be interested to see how plans for the new courthouse evolve.

Source: Major players vie to build new Broward Courthouse parking garage, South Florida Sun Sentinel, September 8, 2010
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