South Florida Traffic Attorneys Discuss the Legality of Police Quotas

Sunrise_FL_police.jpgThough the Sunrise cops claim they do not have traffic quotas, The South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that at least one Sunrise police officer was issued a written reprimand for failing to make enough traffic stops. The complaint form says that road patrol officers are expected to make at least three traffic stops a day. Since the city has 84 road patrol officers, that means they’d have to make almost 50,000 stops per year (roughly half the city’s population).

Chief John Brooks says they do not have a ticket or arrest quota, adding that quotas are unethical.

However, the Sentinel reports that Captain Robert Voss says “shift standards” give them a way to monitor performance and that they only apply to officers assigned to road patrol. Although quotas or shift standards are legal and ensure that police officers aren’t slacking on the job, they are generally frowned upon by drivers, who worry that they may get issued a traffic ticket so that the officer can meet standards and get promoted.

Source: Sunrise police officers required to make three traffic stops a day, South Florida Sun Sentinel, August 20, 2010
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