South Florida Lawyers Discuss Penalties for Sexting

FL_sexting.jpgHere in Florida, teens who send nude photos of themselves or others via mobile phone or email can be prosecuted under state law with child pornography felony charges. Those found guilty can be forced to register as a sex offender for the next several decades. However, a proposed bill would provide more lenient penalties for minors accused of sexting.

A first-time offense would have a $25 fine or eight hours of community service. The second teen sexting offense would be a first-degree misdemeanor. Only after the fourth offense in three years would it be considered a felony offense.

The bill was inspired by a 2007 case involving an 18-year-old male in Orlando who was found guilty of child pornography and wound up on Florida’s sex offender registry for 25 years. Despite this, the bill would only help those under age 18.

Source: Florida considering reducing penalties for teen “sexting”,, July 23, 2010
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