Florida Attorneys Examine Rise in Concealed Weapons Applications

FL_weapons.jpgAccording to a recent article, applications for a concealed weapons license in Florida are rising swiftly. In fact, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services processed 1,722 new applications from St. Johns County residents between July 2009 and July 2010, which represents an increase of over 200% from that same period in 2006 through 2007. Roughly 2,500 licenses were issued or renewed in the that county.

So, what’s behind this trend? Some attribute it to the economy and fears that it may be harder to get a concealed weapon license in the future.

Florida law enforcement officials say they are unfazed by the rise in concealed weapon licenses, because those who’ve obtained the license have undergone a rigorous screening process. Their main concern is when those with criminal intent have access to firearms. However, many law enforcement officials already assume that when they pull over a Florida driver, they may be packing heat.

Source: Applications for concealed weapons licenses have risen sharply; reasons for increase vary, Ponta Vedra Recorder, August 6, 2010
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