Florida Attorneys Discuss Police Arresting Citizens for Videotaping Arrests

FL_video_camera.jpgFor years, TV viewers have enjoyed watching Cops. Now some are getting in on the action themselves by posting their own videos of police arrests online. Some of them are bystanders posting arrest videos, while others post videos from their own arrests.

However, several states make it illegal to videotape unless you have everyone’s consent. In fact, a Florida man who posted several police arrests on YouTube now faces up to 16 years in jail.

Some states allow police officers to carry a concealed video or audio recording device and tape conversations between officer and suspect, but they make it illegal for the suspect to do the same. Below, you’ll see a video taken by a Maryland man who was pulled over for speeding by a plainclothes officer. He now faces up to five years in jail.



As more and more people carry cell phones equipped with video cameras, this could become an even bigger issue in the future.

Source: More and more citizens getting arrested for videotaping police arrests, Examiner.com, July 20, 2010
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