Broward County Dog Owner Faces Criminal Charges

FL_dogs.jpgOur South Florida criminal defense lawyers have learned that a Dania Beach man faces up to three months in jail and over $89,000 in fines for his nine dogs. The city allows residents up to three dogs, and despite attempts by the city to bring the resident into accordance with the law, he has not complied.

That’s why local officials have made this municipal issue a criminal one. The Florida resident has been cited for having too many dogs on his property, failure to clean it up, and being a general neighborhood nuisance. Neighbors say they’re sorry to see things unfolding in this manner, but they’ve been trying to get the dog-owner to take better care of his property for years.

In Broward County, 95% of municipal code violations are resolved through fines, ticketing, and hearings before special magistrates. However, neighboring cities see they’ll be watching to see how this criminal suit is resolved and may try similar tactics in their own jurisdictions.

Source: Dania Beach man could go to jail for the dogs he keeps, South Florida Sun Sentinel, July 23, 2010
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