Broward Courthouse Workers Forced Out Due to Flooding

Our South Florida lawyers have learned that on Friday morning, a burst pipe at the Broward courthouse sent over a dozen employees fleeing from the gushing water. Several of the building’s nine elevators were out of service, and water was turned off for a few hours in the east wing of the courthouse.

Lawyers and staff in the State Attorney’s Office stepped over puddles and soaked carpets as they left the building. Because some of the fallen ceiling tiles had exposed asbestos, employees were asked not to return. They attempted to save legal files by stacking boxes of files on desks and other areas that were not under water.

According to a court administrator, the courthouse should return to business as usual today, though there may be delays in records requests due to water damage.

Source: Broken water pipe forces Broward courthouse workers to flee offices, South Florida Sun Sentinel, July 2, 2010
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