South Florida Woman Spots Shocking Mistake on License

Our South Florida traffic attorneys read about an Englewood woman whose Florida driver’s license contained a comical error. After the woman mailed her $48 renewal fee, she received her new state-issued ID in the mail and noticed a new street address. The error? The license stated her address as “Eat Ass” in Englewood, Florida.

No word from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles on how this happened.

After getting a song-and-dance from the DMV on the phone, the couple visited a local DMV office and got a quote for a new license if they wanted the old one replaced. Florida officials later contacted the woman to let her know that a new driver’s license was in the mail at no cost to her.

Source: Woman shocked to see vulgar address on new driver’s license, South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 20, 2010
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