Mysterious Smell in Weston Prompts Police to Search for Pot

weston_smell.jpgIn Weston, Florida, locals say there’s a distant aroma of marijuana. Some even created a Facebook page called “That Damn Weed Smell on Weston Rd. and Blatt Blvd.” The page was created in late April and has already received over a thousand “likes.” However, most of the residents who swear it’s pot are local high school students.

The Weston Police Department investigated the odor and did not find evidence of marijuana plants, so NBC Miami decided to launch their own investigation. They brought in a local gardening expert, who took a whiff and determined that the smell is a combination of Verbenas and Society Garlic, not pot as some residents believed.

Another conspiracy theory gone to pot!

Source: Mystery Smell In Weston: Is It Pot or Not?,, May 18, 2010
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