Florida Trucker Charged With DUI, Claims He Drank Beer to Stay Alert

truck_Florida.jpgFile this under totally ineffective DUI defenses: A Florida truck driver arrested for DUI claims he drank a few beers to stay awake. Police apprehended the trucker on Interstate 75 near Gainesville after they noticed his tractor trailer swerving around the lane.

Two other drivers had already called the Florida Highway Patrol saying that a semi had almost forced them off the road. The 51-year-old truck driver’s blood-alcohol level was reportedly at .127. Florida’s legal limit is .08. He has been charged with two counts of DUI.

Our advice? Next time, consult a DUI attorney.

Source: D.U.Idiot: Trucker Drank Beer to Stay Awake, NBC Miami, June 17, 2010
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