Broward Defense Attorneys Underscore Seriousness of Court Appearance

With an important election looming in August, a columnist for the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports that Broward County judges are unusually testy. In recent years, Broward judges have jailed a court stenographer, a juror, and a defense attorney for contempt of court.

Perhaps it’s best not to test their patience, as one defendant did. During a recent hearing, this defendant reportedly made a crude remark to a Broward judge, who also happens to be running for circuit judge. The judge sentenced the defendant to 179 days in prison for contempt, and the defendant repeated the inappropriate remark.

Another defendant was sentenced to 120 days for contempt last December, but the judge reduced the sentence reportedly “in the spirit of the holidays.” These incidents all illustrate the importance of taking a court appearance seriously. Judges, especially those facing a difficult election, do not take kindly to vulgar remarks, disrespectful conduct, or inappropriate attire.

Source: The idiots’ guide to navigating Broward court, South Florida Sun Sentinel, June 2, 2010
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