South Florida Traffic Lawyers Discuss New Licensing Requirements

FL_drivers_license.jpgAccording to a recent article, Florida drivers say the new identification requirements at the DMV are proving to be a hassle. When a reporter visited a Fort Lauderdale branch of the DMV, he discovered a frustrated group of customers waiting in line with birth certificates, passports, citizenship diplomas, and other paperwork.

Some of these people would wait three to four hours or make return trips if they don’t bring proper documentation.

The new documentation requirements went into effect on January 1 and applies to those seeking a new driver’s license, a renewal, an address update, or replacements for lost or stolen licenses. It grew out of the 2005 Real ID Act passed by Congress. While states have until next year to comply, many have resisted and the requirements may eventually get scrapped.

Source: License to frustrate: Get-tough ID policies could snag all Floridians, South Florida Sun Sentinel, May 8, 2010
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