Fort Lauderdale Police Employees Reassigned After Prank

peanut_butter.jpgOur South Florida attorneys recently read about a bizarre prank involving three Fort Lauderdale police employees. The three employees, including a police, a sergeant, and a detective, allegedly allowed a dog to lick from a peanut butter jar and put the jar back where coworkers could later use it. They have been reassigned and are not allowed in their previous work areas without an escort.

The allegations first came to light through an audio recording supplied by a member of the department’s Criminal Investigations Division. Authorities are investigating the dog incident as well as the allegations that the recordings were created without the permission or knowledge of those being recorded.

Police personnel who could have eaten the peanut butter or been recorded have been notified and gave sworn statements earlier this year.

Source: Fort Lauderdale police employees accused of prank involving dog licking peanut butter jar, South Florida Sun Sentinel, April 30, 2010
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