Broward County Facing “Judicial Tsunami” in August Election

On August 24, Broward County residents will vote in what’s being called a “judicial tsunami.” Forty-two candidates are running in 20 different races. Interestingly, Broward County has 10 Circuit Court judges running with challengers, only nine other Circuit Court judges throughout the state of Florida are running opposed.

The surge of candidates running in the judicial election is creating scheduling headaches for community groups that allow candidates to speak at their meetings. Some candidates also worry that with so many options, even informed voters may cast “blind votes” based on gender or the order that the names appear on the ballot.

Since judicial candidates are not allowed to discuss party affiliate, political ideology, or how they would rule in cases, it’s already challenging for candidates to distinguish themselves.

Source: Broward voters to decide 20 judicial races in August election, South Florida Sun Sentinel, April 1, 2010
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