Broward County State Attorney Fighting Public Perception

As the video above illustrates, Broward State Attorney Michael Satz does not take kindly to those who suggest he hasn’t fought hard enough against public corruption. This is his 34th year as Broward’s top prosecutor, and our Broward defense attorneys hear that Satz plans to run again.

Currently there are 32 corruption cases pending in the court system and 78 open and active investigations. Several prominent issues are in the pipeline, including an ongoing investigation against Broward Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin and a case involving County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion.

Though Satz protects the label that he is soft on corruption, he’s finally realized that he needs to go public in order to combat this perception. He’s appeared at two public forums on the issue of corruption and held a press conference. Satz is also pushing for a new law that would close corruption loopholes. Will it be enough to change his image? Time will tell.

Source: Broward State Attorney Satz still has work to do, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, March 6, 2010
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