Broward County Drug Possession Lawyer Discusses Pain Clinics

Florida_pill_mill.jpgAuthorities in Broward and Palm Beach say they anticipate a lengthy investigation of three South Florida pain clinics that are suspected of illegally distributing prescription meds, including the incredibly addictive oxycodone pills. Such clinics have been called “pill mills” by some Florida investigators.

All three clinics are owned by the same twin brothers. One of the clinics, called American Pain, had been operating for just five weeks before authorities raided the pain clinic, taking several boxes with them. The United States Drug Enforcement Administration and police from Broward and Palm Beach counties participated in the raid.

Documents from the 14-month investigation allege that the clinic attracted people from other states who would take pills back to their home state and sell them at a huge markup. The five doctors working full-time at the clinics allegedly distributed more than 2 million oxycodone pills last year. No criminal charges have been filed yet, but the investigation continues.

Source: Feds Raid Pain Clinics Suspected of Illegally Distributing Millions of Prescription Drugs, ABC News, March 8, 2010
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