Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Broward County Discusses New iPhone App

iphone_app.JPGDrivers in Central Texas now have an easier way to find out about the location of speed traps and radar guns. By using the Trapster app on a 3-G phone or going online, motorists can potentially avoid a speeding ticket. The free iPhone app can also notify drivers about flooded roadways or accidents that might lead to delays; however, the primary focus of the app is radar detection.

It’s interesting to us that the sheriff’s office is actually encouraging this new technology, rather than shunning it. In fact, when Art Acevedo became Austin’s police chief, he eliminated daily news released that announced where the department was using radar. The current attitude is that the more information the public has, the safer the roads will be.

Our Traffic Ticket lawyers in Broward County will be watching to see if this new technology catches on elsewhere in the country, particularly Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Source: iPhone App may help you avoid speed traps,, March 4, 2010
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