Broward County DUI Lawyers Discuss Packable Scooter Service

Florida_scooter.jpgOur Broward County DUI attorneys read about a new service that could help Broward drivers get home safely after heavy drinking without risking a DUI. Zingo Fort Lauderdale will send a driver via scooter to the location of a drunk driver. Then the driver stows the scooter in the trunk of the customer’s car and drives the car and the customer home safely before departing again on scooter.

This Broward County service could address one of the biggest objectives that people have against taking cabs home: that it’s inconvenient because they don’t want to pick up their car later. In that sense, it could reduce the number of people driving drunk in South Florida. Still, we’re not sure how potential customers will feel about having a stranger drive their car and if they’ll have the presence of mind to call for a driver or the patience to wait for them.

Already, Zingo Transportation has 23 branches around the country. The company was founded in 2005 in Atlanta.

Source: Packable scooter could be your way home after night of partying in South Florida, South Florida Sun-Sentinel, March 15, 2010
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