Criminal Defense Attorney in Broward Discusses Deputy Accused of Intimidating Florida Teen

According to 7 News, a Broward Sheriff’s Deputy is accused of intimidating a South Florida teen in court. The Broward deputy has over a decade of experience with the Broward Sheriff’s Office and was accused intimidating a teen earlier this month while the teen was on trial for cocaine charges.

The suspect’s mother apparently gave a court video of the incident to 7 News. In the video, the Broward Deputy can be seen walking past the family as he leaves the courtroom and he’s heard asking, “is that good enough questions for you, cuz?”

Following this incident, the Broward public defender’s office filed a letter of complaint with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, asking the office to discipline the Deputy for his unprofessional behavior. A spokesperson for the BSO said they are looking into it but that the public defender’s office should have contacted them first before going public to the media.

Source: BSO deputy accused of intimidating teen in court,, March 5, 2010
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