Miami Law Firm Discusses Fugitives in South Florida

Our criminal defense attorneys recently read an article on South Florida’s fugitive unit. The region apparently attracts fugitives for several reasons. One is that South Florida is a relatively easy place for foreign criminals to enter without permission. Another is that South Florida’s multiracial, multilingual environment makes it easier for fugitives to blend in.

According to a supervisory deputy, marshals captured roughly 36,000 federal fugitives in 2008 and assisted in the capture of 73,000 state and local fugitives. Many of these arrests occurred in South Florida. During a 10-week period in 2008, marshals collaborated with officers from the Florida Regional Fugitive Task Force and arrested over 2,000 people on outstanding warrants for crimes such as murder, rape, and gang violent. The campaign was called Operation Orange Crush.

Marshals says they are able to track fugitives based on friend or family connections or if they try to use a credit card or buy property. Getting stopped for a traffic violation can also result in a fugitive arrest.

Source: Rogue roundup: Marshals lasso many in South Florida outlaw haven, Palm Beach Post, January 21, 2010
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