Daytona Beach Criminal Lawyer: Fugitives Flock to Church for Safe Surrender

Florida_fugitives.jpgOur Florida criminal defense attorneys recently read about an experiment in Daytona Beach. Last Wednesday, Greater Friendship Baptist Church in partnerships with Volusia County Police opened its doors to wanted fugitives as a way to get some of the 4,000 people with warrants off the streets.

The church had a closed circuit TV connection to a judge at a Daytona courthouse. Dozens of people made a safe surrender, and most of them came in on minor crimes such as violation of probation or too many traffic tickets. Some of those people went to prison, but after police and volunteers checked their warrants, a few realized they didn’t have a warrant after all.

The public defender, clergy, police, and the state attorney have already deemed the event a success and say they plan to repeat it in the future.

Source: Fugitives Turn Themselves In At Church,, January 13, 2010
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