Broward Traffic Attorney – Parkland Becomes First City in Broward County to Ban Texting While Driving

Florida_texting.JPGLast week, Parkland’s City Commission voted unanimously to approve a ban on text messaging while driving within Parkland city limits. The ban was prompted by a recent Virginia Tech Transportation Institute study that found drivers who text while behind the wheel are 23 times as likely to be involved in a car accident compared to other drivers. Commissioner Jared Moskowitz reportedly proposed the ban.

Florida drivers face a $100 fine for texting while driving, but on-duty police and fire officials are exempt. However, deputies are currently issuing warnings while the city awaits a ruling from the state Attorney General’s Office on the legality of a text messaging ban.

Some believe that text messaging while driving as is dangerous as drunk driving or DUI, especially for younger, less experienced drivers.

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