Palm Beach Criminal Defense Attorney Discusses Armed Robbery Prevention

The South Florida Sun Sentinel recently published an article about protecting yourself from armed robbery. Most strong-arm robberies (muggings, hold-ups) occur at night and to male victims, although women are a common target for purse snatching.

The safest way to avoid an armed robbery is to avoid going out after dark. But since traveling at night is sometimes inevitable, our South Florida criminal defense lawyers wanted to share these tips from the article:
-Don’t carry a weapon that could be used against you.
-Don’t take shortcuts through deserted areas like parks or vacant lots.
-Travel in groups! An armed robber will generally target an individual traveling alone rather than a group of two or more people.
-Don’t accept rides from strangers.
-Always try to park in well-lit areas and be cautious entering or exiting your vehicle.

If you are confronted, then follow these steps:
-Give the criminal what he asks for. Your wallet, keys, jewelry, or credit cards can all be replaced. You can’t.
-Don’t make any sudden movements. The robber might feel threatened if he thinks you are reaching for a concealed weapon.
-Contact police as soon as possible.

How to protect yourself from armed robbery, South Florida Sun Sentinel, September 24, 2009
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